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Integrated Services
We understand the market requires manufacturers to provide customers more product options, smaller order quantities, faster delivery, special packaging and labeling and additional services. To meet these challenges, JKL has developed unique solutions from design, printing to kitting and fulfillment to assist our client in increasing service while reducing costs.

In the Complicated Printing Business, JKL can provide complete standardization services to meet the need of worldwide customer. JKL is tailoring make services to individual customers from small to big base on their specific requirement. Our flexibility and expertise allow us to adapt to our customers' ever changing need. JKL is customer-oriented in every segment of our company.

Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery
Let your JKL representative know when you want a product delivered and we will deliver on time. Just-in-Time delivery is just one more way that we can help you reduce the time and cost of maintaining a reliable supply chain.

At every step in the procurement cycle:
•  Inventory
•  Scheduling
•  Processing
•  Receiving
•  Freight, and more
JKL's JIT delivery system can help. So too can our JKL Products e-Store: every e-Store order you place provides typical lead times for every part.
JIT delivery is one more way that JKL is working to be your “no surprises” supplier.

Vendor-Management-Inventory (VMI) services
Vendor-management inventory. This is our means of optimizing the supply chain, whereby the JKL becomes responsible for maintaining our clients' inventory levels. This means that JKL needs access to the customers stock levels and the use of vendor management inventory software allows this. This means the manufacturer generates the order, not the customer. Based on the historical data with in reasonable margins.
VMI with us improves customer service by reducing the need for the customer to monitor the level and then place an order. It also reduces errors in ordering and ensures there are no part loads or returned tankers and therefore reducing logistic and transportation costs.

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